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Don’t Fool Yourself – Multitasking Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

April 9, 2013

Daily ReadDon’t Fool Yourself – Multitasking Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

It’s true, the ability to juggle work is a standard job requirement, but chronic multitasking could be making you less productive. Why? Because your brain is on overload. While it is true you can walk and talk at the same time, certain tasks should not be done concurrently – talking and reading or texting or replying to an email simultaneously actually causes you to be less productive and over time frequent multitaskers actually use their brain less effectively. Here are a few tips to put multitasking in in place:

  1. Think of multitasking as a weakness, not a strength. Studies show that when people focus on two tasks simultaneously, each side of the brain tackles a different task.  Taking on more than one task increases the likelihood of errors
  2. Use the 20 minute Rule: Rather than switching tasks from minute to minute, dedicate a 20-minute chunk of time to a single task, then switch to the next one.
  3. Check email a few scheduled times a day and turn your email notifications off unless you are expecting an urgent email. Ask quick questions face to face or by phone instead of via email.

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