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What’s Up With Your Lousy Sales?

April 11, 2013

Daily Read – What’s Up With Your Lousy Sales?

You’ve hired two hot-shot sales people and yet your sales are still slow or even dropping…what’s the problem? You might want to look at the beliefs of your sales management. Your sales management team’s beliefs can make or break your sales team’s success. If the sales managers believe that it is important to know what motivates their sales people, then they will make sure that they know what specifically motivates each individual sales person. If they believe that they cannot let a sales person lose a sale, then the sales manager will rescue the sales person on a call and they will never learn how to effectively deal with the problem that they were rescued from. Your beliefs are tied directly to your actions and will indicate if you are supportive or non-supportive of successful selling and sales growth. So if you need to raise the bar, change beliefs, attitude, behaviors and results follow these steps:

Step #1– Take responsibility – for what you have, what you have to do to get the performance you need, what you should expect, and ultimately, what you are responsible for. You need to address these issues honestly because you have a responsibility to those that have hired you and those you lead.

Step #2 – Make your people responsible. Do not accept excuses for lack of performance.  Ask, “If you didn’t use that as an excuse (reason) for not completing/doing, executing, what would you have done differently? What should you do differently in the future?”

Step #3 – Clearly communicate what is expected. Tell them what you expect and make sure your management team understands how these expectations or goals will impact their day, week, month, etc.

Step #4 – Now, actually raise the bar for acceptable performance.  Eliminate the minimal acceptable standards of performance and embrace a new approach of extraordinary standards of performance.

Step #5 – Set extraordinary standards of performance. This step requires a mind shift in how you look at goals, performance and performance management. If you raise the yearly standards from good to extraordinary, then overall performance will improve.

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