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Make Happiness Your Competitive Edge

April 12, 2013


Daily ReadMake Happiness Your Competitive Edge

I’ve written about happiness making you smarter – but being happy does more than that; it brings you success. Happy people are more productive, have lower burnout rates, are more creative and are less likely to be looking for a better position elsewhere.  So it’s a no brainer that you would want to make your employees happier and thus maximize the success of your business. Here’s how:

  1. Share your happiness and hide your bad moods. The best thing leaders can do is work on their own happiness. Just as a negative attitude can bring the whole office down, a happy attitude can bring an upbeat, positive atmosphere to the office.
  2. Boost everyone’s mood for better brainstorming. Providing treats or telling a funny story at the beginning of the meeting can help to improve everyone’s mood and make your brainstorming session more productive.
  3. Start a journal.  Take a few minutes at the end of each day to write down three things that you were grateful for. It does not have to be work related. This will help improve your happiness and allow you to infuse that positivity into your work.
  4. Show others that you are thinking of them. At the start of each morning send a quick email of thanks or encouragement to a co-worker, supplier or client. It will not only increase their happiness, but yours as well!

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