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Don’t Sweep Your Mistakes Under the Rug!

April 15, 2013

Daily ReadDon’t Sweep Your Mistakes Under the Rug!

Mistakes are part of our daily life, and while it’s true that we are embarrassed by  some mistakes and would much rather forget about them than remember and rehash them constantly, sweeping them under the rug is actually a bigger mistake. We comfort our kids when they make mistakes and beat themselves up over poor choices by saying “don’t worry, mistakes happen, the important thing is that you learn from your mistake”, but somehow we forget that same principle applies to us as well. Follow these tips to maximize your potential by learning from your mistakes:

  1. Document your mistakes – in a journal, on a blog or drawings – any form that will help you remember them.
  2. Share your mistakes with others. Being open about your mistakes not only helps you sleep better at night, but it will help others not to make the same mistakes you made.
  3. Accept responsibility and move on. It’s easy to beat yourself (or others) up over a mistake, but this practice is very unproductive. Accept the mistake, make the changes to correct it and move on.

Remember, we are all a work in progress and this is one simple way for us to grow.

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