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Change is Good! So Why Aren’t Your Employees On Board?

April 18, 2013

Daily ReadChange is Good! So Why Aren’t Your Employees On Board?

Entrepreneurs get excited about change; they love to create, re-create, and move ahead. But, while you’re charging full steam ahead, your employees may be a bit more cautious, or even fearful, about the change you’re trying to create. Here’s how to successfully lead and create a comfortable environment for your employees.

Sustain the sense of competency. Competency comes from a feeling of comfort from mastering skills and knowledge. Helping your team understand the new expectations clearly, offering skills training and giving them time to adjust will help them embrace change.

Reduce the fear of failure.  No one wants to accept new responsibilities only to mess up and look bad. Publicly affirm your belief that with change comes a period of confusion, and that you are willing to accept the occasional blunder.

Ensure the stability of status. Be sensitive to the subtleties of status. You need to preserve the social status of those who are most affected by your change initiative.

Make the unfamiliar comfortable. Try implementing change incrementally, this will give people time to adjust and form habits and familiarity in small steps.

Simply understanding why people resist change will help you become more aware of hesitations and resistance you may get from your employees when you come up with your next great idea.

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