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Ever Have One of “Those” Days?

April 22, 2013

Daily ReadEver Have One of “Those” Days?

You start off with big plans to be productive. Your calendar is filled with confirmed appointments. Then, nothing seems to go right. Your computer crashes. Your cell phone battery dies. Don’t worry; here are five easy ways to rescue your day when mishaps threaten to ruin it:

Keep quick tasks close at hand.  When time opens up in your schedule, you suddenly have time to handle other opportunities if you’re prepared. Carry notes or your tablet so you can send emails or hand write a note.

Avoid technology blips with practice. If you have an upcoming meeting or presentation in which you’ll be using technology that’s new to you, schedule rehearsal time and set up before the meeting starts to make sure everything is in working order.

Revive your confidence with a deep breath. Sometimes we get so caught up in what’s happening in the moment we forget to breathe deeply. When unanticipated situations crop up, stress is a natural reaction; breathing can help reduce your stress.

Anticipate emergencies. Repeat what works and eliminate what doesn’t. This ensures you won’t have another day filled with mishaps beyond your control.

Use cancellations as time to think about the big picture. Instead of chipping away at your never-ending mountain of emails, take that one-hour time slot that you were scheduled to be away from your desk to actually move a big, long term project forward.

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