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Empower Your Employees

April 28, 2013

Daily Read – Empower Your Employees

It’s common to be focused on success at work with regards to earnings, individual tasks, sales, and our career path but usually that focus is on ourselves and not the success of our employees. As a leader you have the ability to impact much more than yourself! You can have a positive impact on the lives of your employees both in and out of the workplace.  With a few simple tips you can set your employees’ up on the path to success. Here’s how:

Make wellness an everyday word. It is old news that a healthy workforce is productive, profitable, and highly desirable. But hitting the gym isn’t everybody’s favorite thing to do. In addition to gym memberships, healthy snacks in the break room and sharing life/fitness goals with each other can create an atmosphere of support.

Help build bright financial futures. Financial health is an important part of life. Encourage financial literacy and smart saving, by implementing programs to provide a little extra help when needed – beyond the typical 401K savings programs, to help your employees make and reach financial goals such as buying a home or saving for their kids college.

Encourage living fearlessly. Consider adding a new company goal that says: Everything we do (and I do mean everything) is done with the explicit desire to do it better than we did it before. Then talk about it in meetings, measure it at performance reviews, and sometimes even make a game of it. This cultural hallmark will spill out into employees’ personal lives too in terms of time spent with family, workouts at the gym, home organization, etc.

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  1. You have some similar ideas on health in the work place as I do


    • Thanks – I’ll take a look!


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