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You Wanna’ Lead? Just Step It Up

April 30, 2013

Daily Read – You Wanna’ Lead? Just Step It Up

Wanna-be leaders fall into two categories: 1. Would-be leaders who want to know more, to improve and; 2. Would-be leaders who hang back a little because they aren’t leaders yet. The problem is, if you want to be leader you need to be a leader.  It’s time to stop making excuses. If you want to be a leader, there’s nothing holding you back. Put an end to these objections and start leading now…

1. I’m not in a leadership position. The most common reason wanna-be leaders give for not actually being a leader, is that they’re not yet in a leadership position. Here’s the thing: Leaders aren’t created upon arrival in a position. Leaders are recognized as such, and then placed in positions of leadership. If you’re truly intent on being a leader, then that’s precisely what you need to do: Lead – by taking risks, being creative and adding value.

2. I need someone’s permission. This form of excuse may be the lack of title thus lack of respect, job description lacks leadership, your age (too old or too young) or the lack of degree. The only one you need permission from to start leading is YOU.

3. I have this role model… / I can’t find a role model… One of the most debilitating barriers to starting to lead is from either having a leadership role model who is frighteningly intimidating–or from having no role model at all. In either case, you’re going to need to decide to be your own role model, and just get started.

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