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Okay I’ll Say It – You’re Screwing Up!

May 1, 2013

Daily ReadOkay I’ll Say It – You’re Screwing Up!

Great leaders often ask for feedback, but few co-workers or employees have the guts to tell you when you’re screwing up.  Here are the three subjects which business leaders most commonly screw up on, without anyone ever telling them:

Family employees. Aunt Bee, cousin Tom, your son-in-law, whoever it is, you can bet no-one has told you straight just how horrendously incompetent your family’s contributions to the business are. And because you know your family members are doing a bang-up job no-one dares tell you the truth.

Arrogance. There is one trait that assessments and other tools seem to rarely catch in a leader: arrogance. Being aggressive or driven can be interpreted positively, as attributes that help one succeed. Being arrogant is pretty much an out and out negative, which is why so few people will say it to your face.

Over-staying. You sit around in meetings way longer than you should. After a certain point, your team would really prefer you to leave and let them get on with it. You remain attached to a project long after its lifetime, or manage every detail of a sale.

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