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Is Sales Anxiety Getting to You? You Have Choices

May 6, 2013

Daily Read – Is Sales Anxiety Getting to You? You Have Choices

You don’t have to be a new sales person to feel anxiety over making sales calls or meeting with a prospective client. To some extent anxiety may be confused with or mixed with anticipation similar to an athlete before a big game or a singer before a performance. It can be motivating and get your blood pumping! However, when the pressure becomes overwhelming to the point of all stress and no fun, it’s time to make some changes. You have choices:

  1. Attack. Find out why you feel that way and eliminate the cause at the source. If you don’t like being rejected, perhaps you need to change your approach or your opener to get past the initial reason for the call.
  2. Quit. No one is forcing you to work as a straight commissioned sales person (or whatever your position) but if you don’t have an alternative career plan or job prospect this may not be your best option.
  3. Keep Status Quo. A lot of sales reps fall into this category. They simply learn to live with the anxiety or worse yet, they no longer let it affect them. They just accept low sales performance as a standard.

Once you realize you have options and you make the choice (hopefully you choose door number 1!) to stay and attack the problem head on, you will find a certain calm will replace the anxiety. Find the root of your stress and craft a solution. In the end you will find your blood gets pumping for a whole new reason!

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