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What do Flexible, Trust and Creative have to do with each other?

May 10, 2013

Daily ReadWhat do Flexible, Trust and Creative have to do with each other?

How does unlimited paid vacation, working from home (or from the beach) or maternity leave with a time period you set sound to you? Awesome, right? Strategies like these that offer the ultimate in flexibility often inspires terrific loyalty, but few companies use them. Here are a few thoughts about flexibility, trust and the creativity they inspire:

Flexible working is smart.
Letting your employees out into the world to absorb information, notice other products, talk to a wide range of people about any number of subjects is how they stay in touch and alive.

Ideas arise in unexpected circumstances.
There’s plenty of evidence that people do their most imaginative work when stepping away from a problem – walking the dog, on the drive home or while on vacation.

Everyone has family.
While not everyone is married or has children, everyone has parents (and they all age!). If you want to keep smart people, you have to work with that and the pressures of time and attention your employees will need to give their family.

All this flexibility comes with trust – both ways, but once developed you can see amazing results from your employees both in creativity and productivity.

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