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Put a Lid on Your Emotions

May 16, 2013

Daily ReadPut a Lid on Your Emotions

Toxic emotions and overheated outbursts sounds like the dealings of the teenage years, but if you step inside the doors of some companies today, you will find your share of emotions running amuck. Confidence and passion are admirable qualities, but when you have a room full of high achievers, you’re bound to get some intense moments and heated emotions. Here’s the proper way to diffuse an emotionally charged environment:

Always have a goal in mind. What it is that you need to accomplish with every interaction?

Don’t make decisions when emotional. Step away, take some time to cool off and think about what you need to accomplish.

Think about the consequence before you act. Focus on the positive consequences and let those propel you to make great decisions.

Delay gratification. Remain disciplined and devise a plan of attack.

Communicate, calmly and frequently. When a problem arises with someone sit down and talk about it. Seeing where the other person is coming from, will hopefully cause your anger to dissipate and allow for a common ground to be met.

If it’s you, change. If you’re continually flying off the handle or a particular behavior is generating bad results, you may need to modify your approach or eliminate the problematic behavior.

Get to know your personal triggers. Don’t just think of the negative connotation. These triggers are “things that move you the most to make positive decisions.”

If you mess up, learn from your mistakes. If you screwed up and you’re acting inappropriately, you need to acknowledge you made a mistake and not get defensive. Remember the old saying “learn from your mistakes”. Acknowledge, change and move forward.

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