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The Lost Art of Conversation

May 20, 2013

Daily ReadThe Lost Art of Conversation

A great deal of our lives is spent talking to people. The proportion may go up for salespeople and down for introverts, but everyone could stand to have more productive conversations. Learning how to approach conversations can have a large impact on your communication skills as a whole, which in turn should lead to better decisions, meetings and personal relationships. First, change your approach to a conversation to: ‘I have a view worth hearing, but I may be missing something.’ Then, follow these three steps to employ this new skill:

  1. Advocate your own position, and then invite responses. Try saying, “This is how I see the situation and why. How do you see it?”
  2. Paraphrase the other person’s view and ask for their take. “It sounds to me like your argument is this. Is that what you’re saying?”
  3. Explain a gap in understanding. “It sounds like you think this acquisition is a bad idea. Could you tell me how you came to that conclusion?”

This approach surprisingly enough will help you get your way by inquiring the other’s point of view because it leads the other person to genuinely reflect and want to hear your ideas.

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