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It’s Okay if You Don’t Have All the Answers

May 28, 2013

Daily Read – It’s Okay if You Don’t Have All the Answers

So you think because you’re a leader you should have all the answers? No one is really expected to have all the answers, not even the President, the key is to admit you don’t know (which increases your credibility) and then follow these approaches to turn the not knowing into an opportunity, rather than a loss:

Focus on what you know you need to solve the problem. Clearly define the problem so you can ask the right questions.

Draw from other people’s experience and expertise.  This is where your network comes into play. When you think “who,” focus on three things: understanding, experience and expertise.

Ask more and better questions. Inquire more deeply to truly unearth important ideas. Don’t just ask an expert for their opinion. Dig deeper: ask them why they feel that way, whether they’ve counseled others with a similar situation, and what happened as a result.

Do something, even if it is wrong. The one good thing about wrong decisions is that they normally provide valuable feedback very quickly. When you know what doesn’t work, you can get on to the next possible solution. Sometimes a timely response requires doing something, even if you know it isn’t the perfect solution.

Leading your team into the future is never risk free, but there is consolation in knowing there are some smart things you can do, even when you don’t know what to do.

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