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Did You Eat Your Wheaties This Morning?

May 29, 2013

Daily Read – Did You Eat Your Wheaties This Morning?

Great athletes go through a set routine before every game and most start the moment they wake up. They put themselves “in the zone” with patterns to prepare their subconscious minds and systems for their event. As a business leader you set the tone for your organization and employees, so why not start your day off with a routine that gets you pumped up and going? Here are three ways to sharpen yourself at the start of each day:

1.  Body.  Replenish and revitalize with water, protein and movement (stretching or a quick work-out is all you need to get your blood moving).

2.  Mind. Pick the one BIG thing to accomplish and let your morning start with that as the focus of your thoughts. Put all your energy into completing that one item.

3.  Spirit. Start your day off with gratitude and you will be more positive and calm throughout the day. Your grateful attitude will rub off on your employees and clients alike.

The top performers in most fields put the odds in their favor by putting themselves in the zone. Why don’t you?

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