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No One Wants to be An Underachiever

June 1, 2013

Daily ReadNo One Wants to be An Underachiever

It’s easy if you have a staff filled with superstars, but eventually you have an underperformer on your team that needs motivation. So what should you do? Beat them into submission; motivate them with prizes or lots of pressure? None of the above works, but here are 3 things that do….

  1. Focus On Activities: So often, companies spend all of their time driving their sales people to a certain quota rather than laying out the plan to actually get there. The problem for many underachieving sales people is not the lack of desire to actually hit their sales goal, but rather, they don’t know how to get there in the first place.
  2. Sales Teams Must Be Transparent: Forget the idea of keeping individual sales performance a secret. Make it totally public to everyone in the organization how each sales person is doing, and more importantly, what each sales person is doing. This includes number of sales calls, prospecting calls and new introductions.
  3. Always Be Hiring: Nothing motivates underperformers like knowing that they have to perform or they will be replaced.

How do you manage your underperformers?

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