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You Don’t Need It All to be a Great Leader

June 4, 2013

Daily ReadYou Don’t Need It All to be a Great Leader

What you think you need and what you actually need to be a great leader may be two different things! Most great leaders arrive in their position because of a need to make a difference or the need of freedom. There are some needs that can end up dragging you down. Here are three (of course there may be more! So watch out!)…

1.       The Need to be liked.  Most of us want to be liked – it’s a nice attribute. You even prefer to work with people you like, it makes work more fun. However, be careful not to cross the thin line of needing to be liked or accepted or respected. Bias will come into play in your decisions and you will lose your clarity.

2.       The need to be the smartest person in the room. Leaders lead, mentor, coach, have vision, push others to succeed and are right – a lot. But not all leaders are all of these things all the time. Be cautious that you don’t think you need to be and don’t think you are the best and brightest. There is always someone smarter than you.

3.       The need to be elsewhere. Everyone is busy especially leaders, but be careful that you don’t duck out of meetings or ignore the flashing message light on your phone too often. You are needed, all of you and your full attention, your intelligence and feedback – even in the mundane aspects of your job.

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