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Killing Your Career (and you didn’t even know it)?

June 10, 2013

Daily ReadKilling Your Career (and you didn’t even know it)?

Shouting at your boss or stealing from your company are obvious ways to damage your career, but what about the things you don’t even realize are killing your career? Has anyone ever pointed them out to you? Here are five ways you might harm your work progression that might not be so obvious.

  1. Staying too long at one job. You might think that loyalty to an employer would be valued, and it is, but there’s also a point where staying too long at one company can raise questions for future prospective employers about how you’ll adapt to new environments.
  2. Being too good at something you don’t like. Usually, the better you are at something, the more you’ll be asked to do it so it makes sense that you should focus on becoming best at the things you do like to do.
  3. Not speaking up when you disagree with the boss. Some managers just want to be surrounded with yes-men, but working for a manager like this isn’t a good way to build your career. Good managers want to work with straight-shooters who they can count on for the truth. That doesn’t mean that you should push back on every minor disagreement, of course, but it does mean giving your candid opinion when it matters.
  4. Recommending someone for a job as a favor to them. If the person’s work isn’t actually excellent, it will reflect badly on you and your judgment – and can really harm your own reputation. Help in other ways: Send job leads or give feedback on his or her résumé.
  5. Not going to workplace social events, ever. Not everyone loves office social gatherings, and that’s fine – but the higher up the professional ladder you go, the more you’ll be expected to at least make an appearance at some. It’s about relationship building and connections (or giving off the vibe that you don’t want to).

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