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June 17, 2013

Daily ReadBe Smarter

Intelligence isn’t simply a fixed quantity. How smart we are is powerfully affected by our situation, and that’s something we can control. Many of you have taken an IQ test at some point and believe that your intelligence is a fixed quantity. You can learn, sure, but basically you’re only as smart as you were born to be. Recent studies have shown that your intelligence is affected in eight different ways.

  1. Situations can make us smarter. They can be the physical conditions that learners experience by way of how much stress they’re under and how much sleep and exercise they get or mental conditions (you create for yourself) like levels of expertise, attention and motivation.
  2. Beliefs can make us smarter. There are two types of mindsets: the fixed mindset, or the belief that ability is fixed and unchanging, and the growth mindset, or the belief that abilities can be developed through learning and practice.
  3. Expertise can make us smarter. Experts don’t just know more, they know differently which allows them to think and act intelligently in their area of expertise.
  4. Attention can make us smarter. The state of focused attention is a very important internal situation that we must cultivate in order to fully express our intelligence.
  5. Emotions can make us smarter. When we’re in a positive mood, for example, we tend to think more expansively and creatively. Stress literally uses up working memory capacity.
  6. Technology can make us smarter. In order for tech to make ourselves smarter and not dumber, we need understand when to take full advantage of our devices, and when to put them away.
  7. Our bodies can make us smarter. Regular exercise, proper rest and nutrition (and limiting stress).
  8. Relationships can make us smarter. Having a spouse or significant other helps us with transactive memory (keeping track of birthdays, car keys for each other as well as a feeling of belonging.

Read entire article for more details and science behind these concepts:


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