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Does Hard Work=Success?

June 18, 2013

Daily Read – Does Hard Work=Success?

Why are some entrepreneurs luckier than others? You are not imagining it-some people truly do have better, more predictable outcomes than others. Some serial entrepreneurs may have several successful hits in a row, and others may struggle and never get traction. For businesses driven by creativity, hard work doesn’t always result in success. In fact, it could hold you back. The key appears to be your ability to encounter and recognize opportunities. When we are working hard and are super-focused on completing the tasks needed to meet a goal, we often do not see the opportunities right in front of us. Ironically, the answer to improving your luck, then, is not working harder-it actually might be the opposite. Turn off the computer, visit with your employees or customers and clear your mind. Not only might you have the opportunity to reframe the problem in a way you hadn’t thought about before, you might even make a few connections who can help you reach your destination a little faster!

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  1. What a great insight… I’ve been thinking about that for a while now, how the key is to know what you want and let life flow being sure it’s gonna come to you.


    • Thanks for the comment! I appreciate your input. Have a great day!


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