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Inspire Leaders … your way

June 20, 2013

Daily ReadInspire Leaders…our way

Standout leaders come in all shapes and sizes-from blue jeans and bare feet to buttoned-up gray suits. Regardless of the outer shell, what really matter is that leaders create enthusiasm, empower their people, instill confidence and are inspiring to the people around them. Here are three things great leaders do every day, whether they sport wingtips or bare feet!

  1. Face challenges.  Great leaders are brave enough to face up to challenging situations and deal with them honestly.
  2. Win trust. Employees are more loyal and enthusiastic when they work in an environment run by people they trust.
  3. Be authentic. If you’re not a suit, don’t try to be one. Employees and others dealing with your company will be able to tell if you’re just pretending to be someone you’re not
  4. Earn respect. When you conduct yourself in an ethical way and model the traits you want to see in others, you earn the respect of those around you.
  5. Stay curious. Good leaders remain intellectually curious and committed to learning. They’re inquisitive and always looking for new ideas, insights and information.

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