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Want to Know Why You Resist Change?

June 21, 2013

Daily ReadWant to Know Why You Resist Change?

Innovation sounds exciting and can be profitable. But while just about everybody claims to be for creativity and finding new and better ways to do business the reality is when faced with altering their usual way of doing business, most folks are skeptical (if not downright hostile). Creativity may be cool but it’s also scary, so how can you embrace fresh ways of doing business? Figure out what makes you drag your feet and how to adopt new ideas. Here are three types of resisters:

  1. The “Positive” Change Resister. In group settings they seem positive, but often make passive aggressive comments that are thinly veiled jabs. Solution: During a group meeting, ask each person to write their top concern about the change on an index card and ask everyone to pass them to the front of the room for review and discussion.
  2. The “Unique” Change Resister. For some reason, this resister feels they’re special and shouldn’t change along with everyone else. Solution: Simply stress (and understand yourself) that the change will benefit everyone and that this positive impact requires 100 percent compliance.
  3. The “We Need More Time to Study” Change Resister. This person resists any change until they’ve analyzed every possible scenario and option.Solution: Set a finite amount of time to study the issue, and then move forward; understanding that the change is ‘directionally correct’ but not ‘perfect’.

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  1. Melicca permalink

    “directionally correct” – I love that. I might steal that.


    • Glad you enjoyed it. Steal away!


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