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Are you a Dictator or a Role Model?

June 25, 2013

Daily ReadAre you a Dictator or a Role Model?

While you may make being the boss appear like a fairly easy job, in reality it’s not. Being a leader is a juggling act with many different hats – teacher, listener, disciplinarian and motivator to name a few. Transitioning between these identities, while staying authentic is what will gain your employees’ respect, especially if you are a young leader. Here are five tips to help you establish respect as a role model and leader not a dictator:

  1. Demonstrate expectations. If you take your job seriously, others will follow.
  2. Acknowledge good work. No one wants to be criticized all the time. Yet, we sometimes forget to acknowledge good work.
  3. Have fun. There is nothing more intimidating than a boss in work mode all the time. Have fun with your employees!
  4. Be accessible.  Make your open door policy explicit. If your employees are scared of you, they won’t come to you when there is a real issue.
  5. Stop saying “I’m too busy.” By telling your employees you are too busy to chat because you are always tied up in meetings or phone calls, it translates into “you are not important.”

As with anything else, it is a constant struggle to find a balance. You don’t want to be a tyrannical dictator, and you don’t want to be a pushover either. Find some middle ground and be the role model your employees are looking for!

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