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Busyness is not good for Business

June 27, 2013

Daily ReadBusyness is not good for Business

When we face problems that we can’t seem to solve, large amounts of time and brain power are poured into a resolution that may come today, or may come in six months.  The common practice is to reach out to experts, mentors or peers, brainstorm, look at the problem from several angles and focus. But sometimes this is not the best ways to solve a problem. Take a look at how one of the oldest math problems was solved by an unlikely candidate and use his (Yitang Zhang) tips to solve your own problems when you are really stuck:

  1. Sometimes you need to work alone. Collaboration is helpful, but can be set aside for intense focus.
  2. Apply existing methods with great perseverance. Innovation is not always the key.
  3. Take much needed down-time to let your brain decompress.

The third point is probably the most difficult with smartphones and technolgy and our 24/7 need to feed and enable our habits. We are denying our brains the very thing they need to generate brilliant ideas: downtime! So go ahead, take alone time and vacation time, but make sure you leave your electronics behind.

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