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Do You Have an Adventurous Spirit?

June 29, 2013

Daily ReadDo You Have an Adventurous Spirit?

You know the feeling you get when you’re about to do something new and exciting? The feeling of butterflies in your stomach that is a sign of fear mixed with adrenalin? A big part of any adventure is in the novelty of the experience. You have to break ground into new territory or experiences you’ve never had before. Part of the fun of adventures is how you don’t know what the outcome will be. That’s not something you get from things you know really well. It’s like the law of diminishing returns. Once you reach a certain point, the more you do something, the less you’ll actually get out of it. There are a few elements that are present in an adventurous spirit. Keep in mind, not every element is for everyone – but there might be something for you!

  • Fear and Risk in Adventure. Part of the reason an adventurous activity becomes less adventurous as you do it comes from the fear and risk involved. Jumping out of an airplane for instance always carries a certain amount of risk, but the feeling of fear is more intense on jump one than on jump fifty.
  • Adventure in the Unknown.  There are two key features of adventure. The first is the unknown. The less you know what the outcome will be, the more adventurous it is. This means getting out of your routine, whatever it might be. The second feature of adventure is fear. Anything adventurous requires a little bit of fear to it. That doesn’t necessarily mean overcoming your biggest fears. Just a little fear is all that is needed.
  • Breaking Down Internal Barriers with Adventure.  One of the greatest things about adventure is how it affects you internally. One of the thoughts that usually linger after an adventure is: “what else am I capable of? “ Before the adventure you only recognize your limits; afterwards you realize that you have no limits.

What are your limits? What excites you? Maybe it’s riding a roller coaster with your kids, maybe it’s rafting down a river in Costa Rica – whatever it is, summer is a great time to seek your adventurous spirit.

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