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When Life Hands You Lemons – Make Sure You Know How to Make Lemonade

July 1, 2013

Daily Read – When Life Hands You Lemons – Make Sure You Know How to make Lemonade

No matter who you are or how good life is, eventually you’re going to hit a bump in the road. It happens to everyone eventually, but if it’s a big enough bump it could become a landslide unless you are prepared.  Picture this: You show up at the office and there are five federal agents standing outside with a search warrant. What do you do? If the first time you think about how to handle a crisis is during the crisis, then the short answer is “probably the wrong thing.” This may seem extreme, but crisis comes in all forms. Think about your business — the products or services that you sell, who your customers are, and what threats are more realistic than others. Regardless of the answers here are a few things all business owners should think about.

Get An Attorney. Having a trusted attorney on call is imperative. They can guide you in the right direction, protect your rights and help keep you calm.

Public Relations. Knowing a seasoned PR professional can be a lifesaver. Familiarize yourself with the agencies in your area and build a relationship in case you need them one day.

The Human Element. Business owners must also be prepared to take the lead, and take care of their workers. A crisis of any kind can be stressful, so remaining calm and in communication are key.

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