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Make Your Time Count

July 2, 2013

Daily ReadMake Your Time Count

Time is your biggest asset so it’s no wonder we hear so many common phrases like ‘make every minute count’ and ‘time is what we want most, but what we use worst’ – William Penn. And while it seems like an easy concept to capture, it’s not so easy to figure out where to begin when whittling down the time wasters. Follow these five steps to better manage your time and you’ll see your performance improve in less than 30 days.

1.      Figure out your $1,000 hours–Not all of your hours, or anyone’s hours for that matter, are of equal importance to the success of the business. Some hours are priceless and some are worthless.

2.     Avoid time killers–These are the people, activities, associations, tasks, and regularly-scheduled meetings that are eating up your hours. Track your time for one month and you will probably realize that you have some unbelievable time killers that are sucking up your time.

3.     Give 5 percent back to you–One day out of twenty is all I am recommending. This is your time to get out of the office and spend time with yourself- thinking, dreaming and planning.

4.     Get a swing coach–Why do all of the great golfers have swing coaches? Because they value the objective evaluation and counsel. Do you need a coach? Sure, you can do this alone, but probably not nearly as well as with a coach.

5.     Recharge your batteries every day–You are giving all day, every day, to everyone. How are you getting filled up? Is it your workout, your reading, meditation, or coffee with a friend?

Take the next 30 days and follow these five tips and let me know how you’re doing at the end of a months. The very best of the best are fierce about protecting their time, goals and energy and you should be too.

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