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What do you know about body language?

July 5, 2013

Daily ReadWhat do you know about body language?

Body language can be extremely powerful when it comes to networking and building relationships with others. Within the first seven seconds of meeting you, people check you out visually. What if you’re unknowingly turning people off or pushing prospects away with your body language? Here are four factors to keep in mind to help you improve your body language:

  1. Eye contact. Are you making good eye contact with the person you are talking to or are your eyes looking around to see who else is in the room? This is a small gesture to make the person you are speaking with feel important.
  2. Arm movement. Be aware of the position of your arms, Are they crossed or folded signifying boredom or tucked behind your back indicating interest?
  3. Your stance. Make sure you are open and welcoming to people to joining your “circle” of conversation or starting a new discussion. Avoid leaning which signifies boredom and try to keep one hand open for shaking hands.
  4. Facial expressions. Be aware of your facial expressions during a conversation. Are you smiling or holding back a yawn? Your face often says what your words don’t.

A few simple changes that begin with your awareness can go a long way in making your interactions end in a lasting a positive way.

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