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Define Your Brand

July 10, 2013

Daily ReadStep One: Define Your Brand

If you’re a small business you can still market like the ‘big guys’ by creating a marketing strategy. The first step in your strategy should be defining your brand.  Creating a compelling brand experience that will drive customer loyalty. To guide your marketing plan, you need a very well-crafted statement of the type of business you are in, the type of customers you serve and how you serve them. You have to define what you stand for and the types of products and services that your customers can expect from you. Defining your brand may seem easy, but it takes some soul searching, decision making and data gathering. Follow these steps:

1. Make an inventory of your skills. List out what you are especially good at and what you want your customers to think of when your brand comes to mind. Your unique set of skills will form the basis of your brand definition.

2. What are your customers’ needs? From your list of skills, identify those that your customers particularly need. Think through the kinds of things you do that your customers will come to you for. You should define your brand based on your ability to fulfill such demands.

3. Focus on what differentiates. It’s important for your brand to be different than other similar options available to customers. Of course your brand experience will ultimately differentiate you, but being unique starts with deciding what attributes set you apart from others. Your goal is to be different and better than your competition.

The trick is to balance specificity, focus and differentiation with the ability to expand. When defining your brand, make sure to describe the type of business in a way that allows for growth over time.

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