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Sales: 3 Profit Killers

July 15, 2013

Daily ReadSales: 3 Profit Killers

Because selling is the soul of capitalism, whether a company makes a profit is entirely dependent upon how the people inside that company visualize selling. If your company has these beliefs when it comes to selling you could be on your way down the drain:

  1. Selling means winning new business. Firms obsessed with winning new customers almost always neglect their existing ones. To make matters worse, winning new customers is far more expensive than selling to existing customers, or selling to prospects or referrals.
  2. Making the numbers is our No. 1 priority. You always want to make your employees your No. 1 priority. Those employees, in turn, must make your customers their No. 1 priority.
  3. Selling requires pitching the product. Most customers are drowning in a flood of information and time-stressed to the max. They have neither the time, the mental resources, nor the intrinsic interest to learn about your product – what they need and want is a solution to their problems.

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