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Branding: Should You Focus on Wants or Needs?

July 19, 2013

Daily ReadBranding: Should You Focus on Wants or Needs?

Being a brand is what separates you from your competitors and creates a much stronger connection with your customers. There is a difference between advancing your marketing efforts and actually transforming into a brand. The big-brand companies seem to get this, so why doesn’t everyone else? If you want to be a brand the first step is to understand the difference between your customer’s wants and needs.

Need. Our customers need certain things from our business.  Generally speaking, most competitors in any field supply roughly the same functional benefits and can therefore generally fulfill the needs of their customers.

Want. In order to be truly successful in business, your customers have to move beyond just needing your product or service to actually wanting it. You want to brand yourself so they choose you over other options. Keep in mind “want” is an emotion. When you reach an emotional level with your customers, you become a brand in their minds. You’ve made an emotional connection that rises above functional features and that builds loyalty.

Finding the “want” is key to building a stronger, more emotional connection. And it’s this emotional benefit that will become the basis of your entire marketing plan moving forward. Through your daily activities with customers, start thinking about how you can connect more emotionally, moving them beyond just needing you to actually wanting you.

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  1. I agree if your brand focuses on customer wants and needs you’ll create positive experiences which lead to positive conversations which leads to positive feelings. That means you own the emotional equity and that’s the whole point of branding is to appeal to the emotional center of prospects and customers.


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