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You’ve got to Know your Customers

July 24, 2013

Daily ReadYou’ve got to Know your Customers

Most marketers define their prospective customers by demographic profile, but if you really want to create a branding experience for them you have got to know your customer beyond just age, gender and location. Big-brands have their strategies, but for companies who may have a smaller budget, this technique simply requires some planning. Here’s how to really get to know your customers:

  1. Step in their shoes.  Actually spend time with them and learn how they live their lives.
  2. Use social media as a market-study tool. You can observe comments about their daily lives and create ways to make them better. You can literally reach out and ask customers about their lives, especially those who “like” or follow your company. Facebook is a great platform for this.
  3. Create a survey strategy. Another alternative is to send customers a simple survey that they can complete through a survey provider like SurveyMonkey. Learn how they think and feel by asking simple questions.

The idea is to understand your customers’ emotions and behaviors enabling you to make you’re brand experience more meaningful in their lives.

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