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Boost Morale on the Cheap

July 26, 2013

Daily ReadBoost Morale on the Cheap

A recent study by Accenture reports that a whopping 43% of the workforce cites ‘lack of recognition’ as the reason for their unhappiness. Wow! And you thought in order to keep employees happy, you just need to offer competitive wages and benefits, right? Well, just to be clear, it’s more than recognition that your employees want – they want to feel valued by their leaders. So why is this important to you?

Happy employees = Productive employees = Increased sales.

If offering child care in the building or serving gourmet meals during meetings is not in your budget, consider these six creative no-cost options to make your employees feel valued:

  1. Implement a loyalty program with local retailers. Ask local restaurants or retailers to offer a 10% discount or weekly specials when showing their employee id. It’s a win-win for both businesses.
  2. Establish family fun discounts. Partner with local movie theatres, bowling alleys, pools and arcades to offer discounts for the entire family to enjoy. This shows your employees you recognize and support their personal priorities.
  3. Partner with local service providers. Use that extra office or parking spot to bring amenities like dry cleaning pickup/drop off service, car detailing or masseuse to the employees saving them an extra stop on the way home from work.
  4. Start a book exchange. Have readers in the office? Your workforce likely has a home library full of business books, self-help volumes and fictional stories. Most have been read once and forgotten. Consider locating a bookshelf or two in a quiet corner of your building and provide your employees with an ongoing supply of new material to take home and read.
  5. Bring the restaurant to them. Find a local eatery that is willing to bring a variety of sandwiches to your office to sell. Provide them with a break room and table to set up and let your employees know when this is happening.
  6. Set up lunch and learns. Find out what your employees are passionate about –  Gardening? Gaming? Becoming an author? Then find a local expert who can come in and share their knowledge about subjects your team cares about. All you need to supply is a conference room!

The barrier is not available budget; it is the time it takes to set up the programs. Bring in group of your innovative thinkers and results-oriented individuals. Tell them your end goal – to make your organization a great place to work – and ask them for help!

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