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July 29, 2013

Daily Read – SIMPLIFY!

Sometimes we get overwhelmed by the tasks on our plate or clutter in our office. It’s a lot easier than you think to simplify and de-stress your life. Follow these 3 steps to simplify and get back to more things you enjoy:

1st Develop a life philosophy. Before you make any major (or even minor) changes, you need to know why you’re changing your life. You need a purpose. You need a prioritization system.

2nd Divide up your tasks into must-dos and want-dos, and eliminate everything else.

3rd Reduce clutter, both physical and mental. Clutter is more than untidiness. It’s superfluity. It’s excess. With unnecessary things piling up in our homes, offices and minds, simplicity becomes impossible.

When you feel overwhelmed, quickly jot down everything on your mind into bullet-list. Once the things bothering you re on paper you can focus on each one individually and determine what to do about them. Sort them into the tasks categories above and then deal with them. Sometimes simplifying isn’t really needed, but an adjustment on their satisfaction is needed. In other words, learn to be satisfied with the present and change the things you need to change and let the others go.

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