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How do YOU Promote Online?

July 30, 2013

Daily Read – How do YOU Promote Online?

Almost everyone needs to (shamelessly) promote online at some point; whether it’s for personal gain or business. Just like anything, there are some very effective ways to promote online and some not so efficient ways. Here are seven tips from an amazingly successful self-promoter (Michele Romanow):

1. Keep Your Branding Simple and Consistent. Most people try to explain too much or sell too much from the outset.

For Personal Promotion: Don’t try to be all things to all people. Figure out who you want to be–in a way that fits with your desired future, and then put it out there clearly, a lot.

2. Drive Online Traffic with Offline Promotion such as limited time offers with big savings, to drive immediate traffic to the website.

For Personal Promotion: Find creative ways to get your message out. Make sure you give personal value in every communication, even if it’s just knowledge or entertainment.

3. Tell Your Own Best Stories often and passionately so they’re memorable and transferable.

For Personal Promotion: Spend some time crafting your personal story to make it entertaining. Then let your profile, blog and posts reinforce the highlights.

4. Leverage Other Influencers.

For Personal Promotion: Most of us know some people of influence. Spend extra effort making sure they know what you’re doing and show them appreciation with dinners, wine, gifts, etc.

5. Email, Email, Email – it is still one of the best ways to communicate with people.

For Personal Promotion: Use Facebook and Twitter to keep interest among your followers, but if you really want them to engage, send them a well-thought-out email. Not too many, or you’ll seem like a spammer.

6. Constantly Test, Track and Improve. So many tools are available today to measure every click, open and conversion.

For Personal Promotion: If you aren’t seeing open rates and shares, then start doing something different.

7. Don’t Ignore Those Who Love You. Make a point of spending more resources on her existing customer base than new customer development.

For Personal Promotion: Pay attention to those who already support you. Cultivate them with attention and loyalty.

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  1. Love this post……My lesson learned for the day 🙂 Thank you!


    • Thanks! I’m glad you found it helpful!


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