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Inspire Creativity

July 31, 2013

Daily Read – Inspire Creativity

Not everyone has a passion for the arts, but everyone could use a little creativity in their life. Whether your business goals or personal pursuits call for you to think outside the box, there are ways to draw ‘creativeness’ out. If you’re looking to spur your own creativeness or someone else’s, here are four ways:

  1. Look for creative thinking, not creative temperaments. Leaders should cultivate talent that works creatively within challenges and doesn’t sulk when confronted with difficulty or criticism.
  2. Be creative yourself. Leaders should attempt to engage in creative thinking themselves, the better to understand its headaches.
  3. Always involve creatives. Leaders shouldn’t treat creatives like outliers. They should bring them into the fold and involve them in day-to-day business and routine discussions. This type of involvement will force creatives to meet a wider variety of people and will help them develop new, bold ideas.
  4. Protect your creatives and your creative atmosphere. If jealousies, infighting, and internal debate run riot in an organization, creativity will be trapped. Talented people will be reluctant to speak out and express themselves lest they face blowback. You need to protect your creative atmosphere.

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