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Be Persuasive!

August 5, 2013

Daily ReadBe Persuasive!

You may wonder how your kids can persuade you to give them a privilege or buy them something so easily! It doesn’t necessarily mean you are a push over; they have probably mastered the art of persuasion and don’t even realize it! Sooner or later you will need to persuade someone to do something. Perhaps you’re in sales, but you may find you need to persuade someone to perform better, to listen to your idea or give you that big bonus. Here are 7 things the most persuasive people do:

  1. They Are Purposeful and use their persuasive power sparingly and knowingly.
  2. They Listen … and Listen … Then Listen Some More. They understand just pushing their own argument will get you nowhere.
  3. They Create a Connection, are likeable and look for common ground to help establish and emotional bond and share objectives.
  4. They Acknowledge Credibility and value strong opinions and make sure you are entitled to yours (and give you full credit for it!).
  5. They Offer Satisfaction and are willing to sacrifice to help the overall cause. They understand ‘You don’t have to win every battle to win the war’.
  6. They Know When to Shut Up. Wearing people down is not an effective strategy.
  7. They Know When to Back Away. Urgency and immediacy are often the enemies of real persuasion. Deep ideas require time and thought to take root. Great persuaders bring you along in your own time.

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