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Do you know the #1 Coaching Skill?

August 8, 2013

Daily Read – #1 Coaching Skill

Pragmatic leaders grasp the critical importance of coaching. They are aware that the coaching partnership is highly dependent on how they interact with those they lead. Nothing is more important than how they listen, take in, reflect, question, and give feedback in the context of the coaching dialogue. Here are five tips to improve your #1 coaching skill – listening:

1.       Listen with Curiosity. Convey a genuine interest in what others are saying. Instead of focusing on your next argument, be genuinely curious and keep interruptions to a minimum.

2.       Take in What You Hear.  Don’t just project the necessary nonverbal cues to give the other person a sense that you’re listening with curiosity, you also need to absorb and register what is being said. Hear the words and take in the emotions.

3.       Reflect with Accuracy. This shows the person you’re really listening and confirms that you have digested the right information.

4.       Questioning for Exploration. Asking questions extends the conversation and allows for a more proactive dialogue.

5.       Provide Feedback for Development. Feedback is often thought of as being inherently critical, but that need not be the case. When providing feedback, coaches should strive to make it clear, make it relevant, make it non-evaluative, make it helpful, and make it positive.

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