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Conquering the 3rd Grade Jitters

August 12, 2013

Daily ReadConquering the 3rd Grade Jitters

Flashback to third grade and you have to get up and give your first book report in front of the entire class (even that cute guy or gal in the front row). Your heart is beating so hard you can hear it in your ears. If giving a presentation or public speaking makes you feel like this, join the club, you’re not alone. Actually, according to Jerry Seinfeld, the number one fear of most American’s is public speaking (even ahead of death which is number 2!). So let’s ease your pain with these 4 simple tips:

  1. Know Your Audience. This is the most important information you should get ahead of time is about your audience. What’s their background, how technical are they, what industries or companies do they come from? You will have a better chance of connecting with them if you know/understand them.
  2. You’re the Expert. Remember, people are attending your presentation to learn something. And, you know your stuff or you wouldn’t be up there. Avoid the rabbit-hole thinking that the audience is out to get you and make you look stupid.
  3. Be Properly Prepared. Not only will being prepared make you less frazzled but you will also come across as more knowledgeable. Create your own slides (with your own personal examples), use lots of visuals and rehearse – a lot.
  4. Have Fun. No matter how nervous you feel, you will get through it so it’s important to remember to let yourself have some fun and allow your personality to shine through. You don’t want to be some stiff suit up on a podium that alienates your audience.

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