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You’ve Got the Power

August 13, 2013

Daily ReadYou’ve Got the Power

Every salesperson wants to think of him or herself as powerful but, if asked, would have no idea where their power actually comes from. Most salespeople fail to understand their own power. You have all the power in the world to make your own success happen. It’s not market conditions; it’s you’re mental conditions. It’s not customer conditions; it’s your failure to perform in a powerful way. And it’s certainly not the competition’s conditions; it’s your inability to prove value beyond doubt and risk. You alone can create your own success with the powers you already possess. You’ve got the power; you just need to take advantage of it! Here’s a list of what you’ve got….

  • The power of a positive attitude. The way you think creates the foundation for your entire life.
  • The power of daily attitude actions – or things you do in your favor or the favor of others.
  • The power of belief – in who you are and what you’re doing.
  • The power of self-confidence. This comes from thinking about past wins and accomplishments.
  • The power of thinking YES! you can.
  • The power of keeping conversational control. Especially important with regards to sales.
  • The power of preparation. Preparation determines outcome.
  • The power of creativity. Creativity is a science, and you can learn it.
  • The power of being memorable.
  • The power of value. “Give value first.” The more value you provide, the more powerful you will become, and the more sales you will make.

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