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Is it Groundhog Day again?

August 14, 2013

Daily ReadIs it Goundhog Day again?

Do you feel like your life is Groundhog Day, but nowhere near as funny? Your days are filled with the same old tasks, same old people, ideas and mindsets. Nothing amazing happens. Nothing motivates you to get off your tuchis and take a leap toward awesome. So when you’re stuck inside Groundhog Day, how do you make a break for it? Here are three tips to help you step out of your comfort zone:

1. Step into a new-to-you world.

Attend a conference in an industry that interests you but has little–or nothing–to do with your day-to-day. You can find the most inspiring ideas at an event that goes beyond your familiar fields of knowledge.

2. Revamp your reading list.

If the same blogs flow into your inbox every day, go out and get some new material. Poll your followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Quora for their favorite non-industry websites or magazines.

3. Banish the buzzspeak.

Every industry has them: words used so often they’ve lost their meaning. The same old language breeds nothing but the same old ideas. Have your team compile a list of dead-to-us words to keep out of conversations, e-mails and marketing materials, then put some new words to work for your business. It just might help you start thinking in new directions.

Escape starts with a simple question: What bores you about your business?

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