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Chill Out!

August 20, 2013

Daily ReadChill Out!

An extensive study from U.C. Berkeley just revealed something most of us already know – that rising heat and extreme rainfall, both related to climate change, will also make people emotionally heated and more likely to get into fights. I’m sure many people have arrived soaking wet from being caught in a downpour or baking on an unairconditioned subway. These are minor discomforts, but we all could deal with much worse. So here’s how to keep the smile on your face when the day is less than perfect and you have to deal with the darker side:

  1. Plan Ahead.  What would you do if electricity, Internet, phone lines, key personnel or key supplies were temporarily unavailable? Companies that have thought out the answers ahead of time will do better than those that haven’t.
  2. Build Bridges Before Troubled Waters Flow.  It’s not in the easy conversations that your company is truly tested–it’s in how you handle conflict. Dealing with inevitable conflict is one of the most important skills you can develop as a leader and nurture in your company culture.
  3. Promote Health and Serenity.  Empower employees with programs that promote a healthy and peaceful environment. Teach advanced communication skills, educate on diversity and bulk up the benefits package to offer tools that improve stress levels and brain function, like meditation and life coaching.
  4. Gratitude Is the Perfect Remedy.  When you’re feeling angry or upset, drop everything and handwrite a thank-you note. You’ll instantly feel better, as it’s physiologically impossible to experience both anger and gratitude at once.

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