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3 Easy Ways to Spur (Positive) Change

August 22, 2013

Daily Read 3 Easy Ways to Spur (Positive) Change

Did you know that it was the addition of heat that finally enabled Charles Goodyear to transform rubber into a functional substance? There are countless accelerants that can be applied to different businesses; here are 3 that have helped spur change for some great organizations and leaders. These are just a starting point, but give them a try and see what happens.

  1. Take 90 Seconds to Say Thanks. Try to send at least three cards each day this week.
  2. Ask 4 Great Questions.  As you ask the questions, listen, take notes, and promise to follow up. While you may be tempted, please don’t argue with your employees’ points of view.
  3. Have Some Fun. A growing body of research supports the claim that lightening up can increase team productivity, reduce employee sick day uses, and boost morale. This week, lighten up on purpose.  Do something enjoyable and let down your collective hair. The result will be a team that’s more enthusiastic and engaged.

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