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Even at Work, You Cannot Ignore Feelings

August 24, 2013

Daily ReadEven at Work, You Cannot Ignore Feelings

Many employees do not want their co-workers to express any type of strong emotion — positive or negative. Employees expect others to hide negative emotions in order to maintain what they call “professionalism.” They also expect co-workers to hide positive ones by not showing too much pleasure with promotions or raises because someone else might have missed out.  There’s only one problem: Human beings don’t work that way.  The best workplaces know this, and leave room for both positive and negative emotions. Here are 9 reasons why you can’t afford to ignore emotions:

1: We make no decisions without emotions

2: Emotions guide workplace relationships

3: Emotions are at the core of employee engagement and motivation

4: Emotions are crucial to creativity and innovation

5: Emotions are integral to learning at work

6: It’s not like we can leave our emotions at home

7: When we stifle bad emotions we strengthen them

8: When we stifle good emotions we weaken them

9: Emotions are a sign that people care about the workplace


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