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What Bad Habits?

August 30, 2013

Daily ReadWhat Bad Habits?

You need a lot of good habits to successfully build a company. But admit it: you’ve probably developed a bad habit or two along the way. Here are a few bad business habits that some associates share and ideas of how to overcome them. Perhaps you have suggestions of some of the bad habits you have overcome?

#1. Trouble Staying Focused. Solution: Cut out multitasking and work in 60-90 minute intervals. Organize your day to work on most brain intensive in the morning (or whenever you are most focused).

#2. Working Weekends. Solution: Wrap things up early Friday with a list of the tasks you need to tackle on Monday. Putting the items down on paper will clear your mind so you can take the needed time off.  The items that cannot wait, finish up before you leave the office.

#3. Letting Business Relations Get Personal. Solution: Work on building extraordinary relationships, both in the office and personally so you don’t feel the need to blur the lines.

#4. Forgetting Names. Solution: Try making a vivid association when you meet someone new.

#5. Tweet During Meetings. Solution: First, cut the multitasking and second try to keep your meetings shorter and more focused.

Did this list miss any habits you are trying to break?

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