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The Secret to Happy Employees

September 3, 2013

Daily ReadThe Secret to Happy Employees

It makes sense that happy employees are more productive. It also makes sense that bonuses or perks can make your employees happier, but what if you have a small company or there is no money left in the budget for employee recognition gifts? Here’s the good news – the most effective employee rewards are also the least expensive! The trick to giving your people rewards that make a real difference is to personalize them — this is a case where one size definitely does not fit all. Additionally, keep these secret in mind:

  1. Be Quick. Waiting a month or two and the recognition loses its impact.
  2. Be Specific. Point out the specific behavior that you are recognizing, and explain to the employee why you appreciate it.
  3. Be Personal. It’s always best to convey your praise in person and publicly, in front of the employee’s peers, whenever possible.
  4. Be Sincere. Be sure your thanks are sincere and from your heart. Everyone can tell when you are faking it.
  5. Be Positive. We’ve all experienced what it feels like to be thanked by a boss for doing something right … and then immediately cut down a notch for doing something wrong. Keep it positive and save the negative feedback for another time.

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