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Google-Worthy Perks Your Employees Will Love

September 4, 2013

Daily Read – Google-Worthy Perks Your Employees Will Love

Google made headlines recently by unveiling Project M&M, a data-driven initiative to de-emphasize junk food snacks for its employees and focus on healthier choices. Snacks are provided to employees 24-7 at no cost, and are located within 200 ft. of any employee at any given time.

While this super-sized perk is out of reach for most small businesses, many Google benefits are adaptable. Small companies can also offer more personal benefits that could be impractical for monolith corporations.

Here are a few examples that may be feasible for your office:

—PETS ALLOWED:  Some organizations, including Google, host pet-friendly offices, allowing employees to bring dogs and other pets as long as they aren’t loud or messy.  Positive feedback from dog owners and non-dog owners alike has increased the frequency of pet days at one Amherst, N.Y. consulting firm.

–ALL IN THE FAMILY—One company in Los Angeles offers employees’ sons and daughters summer internships and jobs over spring break.  The managing director claims the energy brought in by the youth is complemented by the work ethic demonstrated to them by their parents. This is a uniquely small business type of benefit, given the limited base of employees.

–DESK OPTIONAL—Telecommuting can be taken to an extreme in small business atmosphere.  At one San Francisco software company, all eight employees work remotely—as far-flung as Poland and Hawaii. Employees work wherever they wish, and set their own schedules.

Take advantage of your smaller size and offer imaginative benefits corporations may not be able to offer.  Also consider adopting easily transferable big ideas that cost relatively little, and reap increased employee satisfaction.

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