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Stop Killing Yourself – Perfection is Not Necessary

September 11, 2013

Daily Read – Stop Killing Yourself – Perfection is Not Necessary

A little stress can be a great motivator, but too much stress can set you up for disaster. Not only will your health be affected, but your productivity and business as well as personal relationships can be de-railed. Aim for the sweet spot of creative activity without all the burnout by changing your perception of a few beliefs.

  • Everything I do must be perfect.  Perfectionism ranks high among anxiety-inducing beliefs and is a mechanism to buffer us from the criticism and judgment of others. Tip: Stop comparing yourself to others; it’s a competition you can never win because you’ll never be perfect (and neither will anyone else!).
  • If people really knew me, they’d hate me–and probably want nothing to do with me.  A close cousin to perfectionism is inauthenticity. Most of us believe certain behaviors are acceptable and others are not. You want to get along with people and so you hide certain behaviors. Tip: The reality is no one expects anyone to be perfect all the time. Be yourself, do your best and be proud of the face you are putting out there.
  • Talking about emotions is only for the weak.  Emotional Intelligence is important for understanding ourselves, working well with others, and managing our relationships. Stifling emotions completely will only cause stress, fear and anxiety. Tip: Emotions are a part of life (see my blog “Even at Work You Cannot Ignore Feelings”) and as such are integral to creativity, productivity, happiness and motivation, to name a few. While you don’t want to wear them on your sleeve, you don’t want to completely ignore them either. Find a balance that works for you.
  • If I fail, I’ll die. So I’ll kill myself NOT to fail.  Okay, this may seem extreme, but often times on the road to success, we idolize failures as necessary setbacks. However, deep down inside, many still view failure negatively. Tip:  Accept failure as a stepping stone, a necessary part of success and commit to learning from your mistakes and set-backsandwhich make yourself and business better as a result. Remember the old saying “two steps forward, one step back”? The key is you’re still ahead of where you started from!

How do you avoid perfection and reduce stress in your job or life? Do you have tips to add?

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