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The Easiest Way to Solve a Problem

September 12, 2013

Daily ReadThe Easiest Way to Solve a Problem

Occasionally you come across a problem that you cannot seem to solve.  It becomes a thorn in your side and it absorbs way too much time and energy. Many question probably cross your mind; do I continue to throw good money after bad? Do I pull out all stops in order in order to accomplish the mission? What does a good leader do in this situation? The fact is many successful business executives have had to handle situations like these. Here how they fix a problem…

  1. Determine what the return on investment will be.  Every single solution to a problem has a return on investment. Spending unnecessary dollars in an effort to fix a problem for one client or revamping product that will likely not provide much future revenue, may not be the best for your company. Great leaders do the math.
  2. Make a plan and communicate it. Once you figure your ROI, you need to have a plan, and tell your people about it. Make your expectations, the end result, the time line and the purpose clear. This gives your employees meaning and helps them do a better job. Great leaders inspire their followers with purpose.
  3. Prepare yourself for success or failure. Nothing is complete without an end game. You need to be prepared for success or failure at the end of your time frame.  The outcome most likely will not be positive 100% of the time. Great leaders have a thick skin and are prepared for all outcomes.

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