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Become a Master Networker by the End of the Weekend

September 14, 2013

Daily ReadBecome a Master Networker by the End of the Weekend

Some people are remarkably gifted networkers. They love making connections with and for others. They make great eye contact, listen intently and make you feel like you’re the very center of their attention. You enjoy meeting them and they leave a lasting positive impression after they’re gone. Other people are, frankly, terrible. They’re the ones at an event who glad-hand, elevator pitch, and half-listen as their eyes feverishly scan the room behind you for other, better prospects. They also leave an impression, albeit poor. Here is a 5-step plan to make your impression that you are proud to have last.

  1. Search for the right one, not everyone. Networking is not shameless self-promotion to everyone you meet. It’s about finding and meeting the precisely right person for your needs at the time. It means thinking about what you have to offer that person–not just what they can do for you.
  2. Offer to help.  Never underestimate your own power. It’s easy to think–especially when we’re less experienced or in the presence of those much more established than we are–that we have nothing to offer. Maybe it’s perspective, a connection or simply forwarding an article.
  3. Care what others think. No, you don’t need to change who you are–the core of yourself–to be an excellent networker. But you should care how you’re perceived. Offer a smile, say thank and watch for cues of when to ask questions and when to leave.
  4. Indicate your appreciation.  While, no one likes a suck up, everyone loves a person who is sincerely grateful for their time, advice, constructive criticism, etc.
  5. Listen with genuine interest. No matter who you meet–whether it’s someone who says hello to you at an event or a person you’ve researched extensively–listen with attentive care to what they say. This is the fasted and most sure way to make a perfect first impression.

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